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Save Energy

          Due to population explosion, today the world is facing a water crisis, energy crisis and other crises caused by pollution and depletion of natural resources. so we have to conserve our present resources and safeguard the environment from future damage. This can be achieved by using efficient and Eco-friendly technology.

Eco-friendly technology utilises resources efficiently with the minimum wastage and ensures that environmental damage minimal. Solar power, wind power, bio gas, pressure cooker are example of some such Eco-friendly technologies.

1)Use pressure cooker:-
 During Cooking, steam and heat are produced in the vessel. In an ordinary vessel, this steam and heat escapes. So it takes more time to cook and use more energy. But in a pressure cooker, due to the lid, the steam produced is trapped. This increases vapour pressure and produces more heat. The steam and the heat help cook faster and save fuel at the same time.

2) Fuel saving tips for bike:-

  • Maintain correct Tyre pressure.
  • Adjust drive chain tension correctly.
  • serviced regularly. 
  • Drive at steady speed (40 to 50 km/h).
  • Do not run engine in low gear for long time.
  • Switch "OFF" the engine if the halt is more than 30 seconds.
  • Do not keep the clutch lever pressed while driving.

3) Solar water heater:-
 In conventional water heating system, we use LPG or wood stove to heat water. Both release gaseous pollutant like CO, CO2. Solar water heater has solar panels that are made up silicon which trap the energy of the sun. solar water heater are Eco-friendly as they use solar energy which is easily available, renewable and pollution free.

4) Make your own Eco-friendly water pump:-  
घरी पाणी भरण्यासाठी इलेक्ट्रिक मोटार चालवून वीज बिल वाढविण्यापेक्षा आपण सायकलचा उपयोग करून पाणी भरू शकतो.
 साहित्य :-
  • जुनी बंद पडलेली मोटर 
  • जुनी सायकल टायर नसले तरी 
  • सायकल ट्यूब 
  • पाईप (गरजे नुसार)
  •  (fevi quick)
Assembly (जोडणी ):-
  1. first take a 1 or 1/2 hp motor and remove its cover and electric coil then arrange all parts like a picture.
ह्या उपकरण निर्मिती साठी १ किंवा अर्धा शक्ती ची मोटार घेऊन तिचे वरील आवरण व कॉईल काढून टाका. सायकल वरील कॅर्रीयर वर वेल्डिंग च्या मदतीने घट्ट बसवून टाका. सायकलचा पाठीमागील टायर काढून टाका. मोटर बसवताना मोटारचा रोटर रीमच्या सरळ रेषेत राहील याची काळजी घ्या. सायकलची ट्यूब मध्ये कापा मोटर चा रोटर व रिम यांच्यावर ट्यूब सरळ बसवा व नंतर ती ट्यूब व्यवस्थित बसल्यावर चिकटवून टाका.
हे उपकर तयार करत असताना अनेक अडचणी आल्या हे उपकर तयार करण्यासाठी ४ ते ५ दिवस लागले.

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